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Mymebsingh All Hospital List And Location


Nazma Nursing Home
Private Hospital & Clinic
Address: Mymenshing Sadar Mymenshing
Call: 091-53942

Delta Health Care Mymensingh Ltd
Address: Charpara road, Mymensingh
Call: +880 91-61244

Labaid Diagnostic Limited
Address: Charpara road, Mymensingh.
Call: 01766-663000

AL-Baraka Hospital 
Address: Charpara road, Mymensingh.
Call: 091-61765

Nova Diagnostic Centre
Address: Chorpara More, Mymensingh

Mymensingh BNSB Eye Hospital
Address: 193 Shehora Dhopakhola Road, Mymensingh 
Call: 0-9155982, 0-91-52380

Shawdesh Hospital (Pvt.) Limited
Address: 71 F, Sarada Ghosh Road, Mymensingh
Call: 01734-927758

T.B  Government  Hospital
Address: Mymenshing Sadar, Mymenshing 
Call: 091-54946

Trauma Diagnostic Center & Hospital 
Address: Charpara road, Mymensingh.
Call: 01912-807456

Police Government  Hospital
Address: Mymenshing Sadar, Mymenshing
Call: 091-55783

Sayem Diagnostic Complex & Hospital
Address: 30 A, Shehora, D.B Road, Mymensingh.
Call: 091-61829

Pranto Specialized Hospital
Address: 67,Charpara road, Mymensingh
Call: 01788-222000

Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. Mymensingh
Address: 171, Charpara , Mymensingh
Call: +8801553341662, +8801735840049

Nexus Cardiac Hospital And Research Center
Address: 29,Charpara road, Mymensingh.
Call: 091-51705

Railway Government  Hospital
Address: Mymenshing Sadar, Mymenshing 
Call: 091-55792, 091-55709

Mymensingh Government Hospital & Medical College
Address: Charpara, Mymenshing Sadar Mymenshing
Call: 091-55701-2, 55611, +8801768027115

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