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Khulna Ambulance Number List


Khulna Ambulance Service
Contact Number List

Khulna Pioneer
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 01715467239

Khulna Surgical & Medical Hospital
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-724450, 723966

Khulna Upasham Hospital
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-720778

Khulna Shaheed Sheikh Abu Naser Specialized
Hospital Ambulance
Hotline: +880-41-760390

Khulna Daulatpur Fire Station
Ambulance Service
Hotline: +88041-762052

Khulna Islami Bank Hospital
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-761531-5, +8801712068684

Khulna Nargis Memorial Hospital
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-720374

Khulna Tut para Fire Station
Ambulance Service
Hotline: +88041-723011

Khulna Divisional Control Room
Ambulance Service
Hotline: +88041760333, +88041-760335

Khulna Khalishpur Fire Station
Ambulance Service
Hotline: +88041-761005

Khulna Gazi Medical College Hospital
Ambulance service
Hotline: +88-01779656810, +88-01779656811

Khulna Ad Din Akiz Medical College
Hospital Ambulance Service
Hotline: 10610, +88-01713-488411, +88-01713488412
Hotline: +88-01713488422

Khulna Khalispur Clinic
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-761637

Khulna Nodi Fire Station
Ambulance Service
Hotline: +88041-890048

Khulna Cure Home General Hospital
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-723542

Khulna Garibe Naaz Clinic
Ambulance Service
Hotline: 041-720081-3

Khulna Khanjahan ALi Fire Station
Ambulance Service
Hotline: +8801767897013

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